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We're Taking Requests

Are you having problems with a particularly crazy Maven build? Is there a part of Maven that you just don't have a handle on, even after reading and rereading The Definitive Guide or the Apache Maven site? We're here to support the community, and Sonatype is serious about helping to invest in the foundational, open-source documentation that will help the community around Maven grow and evolve. I'm biased because I focus on documentation, but I've always thought that good documentation makes the difference between open source projects that evolve over time and open source projects that fade into obscurity. The docs are the interface to the community, and as widespread as Maven is, there are still people adopting the tool and learning from step 1. If you have any requests for documentation, we'd encourage you to let us know.

  1. Get Satisfaction, if you have a request for documentation let us know through our Get Satisfaction page.
  2. If you have a request for a video, create an account at Vimeo and make a request via our Vimeo Profile.
  3. Send a message to

We encourage you to make the request via a public channel such as Get Satisfaction or Vimeo because it will provide the best community feedback and accountability. Get Satisfaction is an interesting customer service experiment, it isn't merely a company-driven customer service site, it is an experiment in transparent and accountable customer-driven service. When you ask us a question on Get Satisfaction, the questions and answers are visible to everyone. If you have an idea for documentation, please feel free to share it with us. We're taking requests.

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