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Use to Search Central Maven Repository

If you are looking for the easiest way to search for artifacts in the Central Maven Repository, go to Sonatype maintains a publi instance of Nexus that can be used to search for artifacts by GAV (groupId, artifactId, version) coordinates, Class Name, or Checksum. Here's a brief demonstration of the search capabilities on

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If you would like to manage your own instance of Nexus and index your own Hosted repositories, you can download an install Nexus from If you manage your own instance of Nexus, you can proxy other Maven repositories (including Central) and you will have a place to publish your own organization's artifacts.

When you host a Nexus instance and you proxy a remote repository, Nexus downloads a Nexus repository index, this index is what enables Nexus to quickly search the contents of a Maven repository. Downloading this small repository index is all Nexus needs to do to search the entire repository. For more information about Nexus, see

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