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Nexus Maven Repository Manager 1.0.2 released

Nexus Maven Repository Manger 1.0.2 is now available for download. This release fixes a few issues raised on the user list. This is a recommended upgrade.


  • [NEXUS-79] - .sha1 files not removed from attributes when evicted by evict task
  • [NEXUS-737] - Indexes not being properly created on deploy of tycho-distribution
  • [NEXUS-811] - IndexOutOfBounds index can not created
  • [NEXUS-848] - Group level security allowing protected repo access

User Story

  • [NEXUS-406] - List aritfact deployed with Arifact Upload form in recentrly deployed RSS feed
  • [NEXUS-824] - Change default log location
  • [NEXUS-825] - Turn off the rest messages by default
  • [NEXUS-826] - allow unc paths for local storage on windows
  • [NEXUS-865] - Protect repositories on repository level using AccessManager

In the meantime, most of our attention has been focused on release 1.1. This release will enable many extension points and plugins that will be used to build out the rest of the Nexus functionality. There will be two milestone releases, 1.1M1 is staged and should be out within a few days. M1 brings with it an extensible realm implementation that will make it trivial to insert new realms for authentication/authorization against systems like LDAP or AD.

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