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Matt Raible on Comprehensive Project Intelligence

In this blog entry, Matt Raible talks about Jason van Zyl's presentation at the Colorado Software Summit. Matt's post is a good overview of combining Nexus, m2eclipse, and Hudson to create a smoothly operating system to manage all the moving parts that make up a modern software engineering effort. At the end of his post, he summarizes the big three things he's looking forward to in the next version of Maven:

"The three big things coming in the next version of Maven are:

  • Refactored Project Builder: includes a spec for building a pom, domain-specific parsers (attribute-based XML, Groovy and Ruby) and mixins.
  • Mercury: a new repository and transport layer. Developed by the Jetty people and is super fast (async client with connection pooling and parallelization). Has atomic downloads and deployments (with Nexus), full PGP support and a WebDAV client built-in.
  • Maven Embedder: re-written to actually work.

Overall, a good talk with lots of demos. I'm definitely looking forward to Maven improvements in the future."

To read more, check out Matt Raible's blog. Coincidentally, the new draft version of the Archetype chapter discusses Raible's AppFuse archetypes. If you are looking to get started with a solid n-tiered architecture, you should take a look at the Archetype chapter in M:TDG.

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