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Maven 2.0.10 Release Candidate Process Started

The Maven 2.0.10 Release process has begun and will follow the process pioneered in 2.0.9.

That process consists of a series of Release Candidate builds, first on the Maven Developer list, and then finally on the Maven User list. Now that the process is started, the feature/bug list is final. Only new regressions identified between 2.0.10 and 2.0.9 will cause a new RC to be generated.

The issues chosen to be fixed in 2.0.10 included any regressions that were identified in 2.0.9 after the final release, as well as the next most popular issues in Jira. You can see the current list of issues for 2.0.10 here.

Notable enhancements include:

  • [MNG-2562] - expose current time as a property for POM interpolation
  • [MNG-3652] - set a user agent for Maven HTTP requests
  • [MNG-3571] - Allow use of ! when deactivating profiles
  • [MNG-3268] - Command line doesn't handle multiple -P correctly
  • [MNG-2068] - Multiple inheritance fails to find "grand" parent in ../../pom.xml when the groupIds differ (Test Case Attached)

Work for 2.0.11 is already underway, so be sure to vote for the issues you want fixed.

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