Resources Blog Maven Book (0.10): PDF Download + Eclipse Chapter Update

Maven Book (0.10): PDF Download + Eclipse Chapter Update

I've released another version of the Maven Book today. The PDF version is back by popular demand (weighing in about 550 pages), and the Eclipse chapter has been updated. Also, some tweaks to the HTML formatting.

Nothing major, but I'm trying to consistently announce any changes no matter how substantial on this blog because there seems to be a loyal following of RSS subscribers (sorry ATOM, RSS is the legacy feed format). Again, thanks for *Everyone* who has emailed me with feedback and who has identified typos and errors.

If anyone has any feedback on the format and presentation of the HTML version, please let me know. Questions I'm asking you (the audience) are:

  • Do you want a different HTML chunking option? Does one long document for every chapter work? Would you like more granular chunking?
  • How about the PDF? Would you like to be able to download individual chapter PDFs?
  • Is anyone out there clamoring for another ebook format?
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