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Sonatype's Nexus 1.0-beta-1 Released

After many months of alpha testing we are tickled pink to announce the 1.0-beta-1 release of Nexus. Tamás Cservenák, Brian Fox, Eugene Kuleshov and Justin Richard have been working very hard to bring Maven users something we feel will benefit the whole community. In an unbelievable twist of fate, this might be the first Maven-related project that has documentation with its first releases! We have a website with some information about Nexus which you can find here:

And Tim O'Brien has written a chapter on Maven repository management which covers all the basics that people will need to get started with Nexus. We'll have a few more cool announcements to make about Nexus shortly, but people are probably most interested in how to get started, where they can download Nexus, and if there are any mailing lists to join. You can surf around the site, but here are the most relevant links.

We look forward to feedback from users, and you'll definitely be hearing more from us about Nexus!


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