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7 Assembly Plugin Issues, Closed

Okay, so maybe some of these had been fixed awhile back, and maybe some of them weren't really assembly-plugin bugs (I'm really thinking of one in particular here)...but the fact remains. I was able to close 7 issues in the MASSEMBLY project today. I feel like the assembly plugin has been coming along nicely in the past several weeks, and this is just a particularly visible sign of that. Oh, and in addition to the 7 that were closed, I was able to triage all of the remaining unassigned issues into either 2.2-beta-2, 2.2, or 2.3-beta-1 buckets (except for one very hairy issue that would involve implementation code in maven-wagon, among other places). The closed issues are (drum-roll please):

If you contributed a patch to one of the above, thank you sooo much. The patches in some of these issues made life much easier for yours truly. If you didn't provide tests with your patch or issue, shame on you! :-) Even just providing a scrubbed version of the project you're having trouble with can give us a basis from which to write an integration test, and make sure the bastard bug never rears its head again.

If you have an issue, patch, test case, or random comment that wasn't included above...please be patient, and we'll try to address your concerns before too much longer (understand, I say this with a broad sweep of the hands and clear thoughts of geologic timescales)...

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