Resources Blog 14 All Day DevOps (ADDO) sessions you won’t want to miss

14 All Day DevOps (ADDO) sessions you won’t want to miss


Start prepping your coffee, tea, or other caffeine of choice – the world's largest DevOps conference returns on November 10, 2022. All Day DevOps (ADDO) features 180 speakers covering six tracks that range from modern infrastructure to the state of the software supply chain.

Planning on marathoning as much as possible? We admire your dedication. But for everyone who requires at least a little bit of sleep, we've compiled a list of 14 different sessions that you won’t want to miss.

Of course, these selections are only the tip of the ADDO iceberg. Reserve your free spot now to make sure you don't miss these or any of the other numerous talks happening on November 10, 2022.

ADDO keynote speakers

Dr. StrangeDevOps – How I Learned to Love Multi Speed in Complex Enterprises
Presented by: Mirco Hering, Managing Director, Accenture

Journey to Auto-DevSecOps at Nasdaq
Presented by: Benjamin Wolf, CTO, Nasdaq

The Rise of the Supply Chain Attack
Presented by: Sean Wright, Principal Application Security Engineer, Featurespace

Threat Landscapes: An Upstream and Downstream Moving Target
Presented by: Brian Fox, CTO, Sonatype

Sessions from the software supply chain track

Assessing the Risk of Open-source Components Using OpenSSF’s Scorecard
Presented by: Spencer Schrock, Software Engineer, Google & Laurent Simon, Security Engineer, Google

Depends on Dependencies: Software Supply Chain Security
Presented by: Angelica Phaneuf, CISO, Army Software Factory

Have a Plan Before You Need a Plan: Dealing With Software Supply Chain Issues the Right Way
Presented by: Ilkka Turunen, Field CTO, Sonatype

State of the Software Supply Chain
Presented by Stephen Magill, VP Product Innovation, Sonatype

Sessions from the DevSecOps track

Mind the gap... Your AppSec Blindspot
Presented by: Edwin Kwan, Head of Application Security and Advisory, US PTO

Security Automation and the Developer Experience
Presented by: Rosalind Radcliffe, CIO DevSecOps CTO, IBM & Thomas Lawless, Executive IT Specialist, IBM

Sessions from the SRE track

The Evolution of GameDays
Presented by: Ana Margarita Medina, Staff Developer Advocate, Lightstep

Sessions from the CI/CD track

Expanding DevOps to Embedded Systems: Lessons Learned!
Presented by: Hasan Yasar, Technical Director of the Continuous Deployment of Capability, SEI CMU

Sessions from the cultural transformation track

USPTO Virtual DOJO Journey
Presented by: Melissa Rummel, Transformation Delivery Division Lead, US PTO

Sessions from the modern infrastructure track

Learn How to (Not) Use Secrets With OWASP WrongSecrets!
Presented by: Jeroen Willemsen, Project Lead, OWASP

Got your can't-miss sessions noted? Fantastic, we'll see you there.