Component Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Continuous Governance – Reducing risk throughout your software supply chain

Much like a manufacturing supply chain, the components in your applications come from thousands of suppliers. With up to 90% of an application comprised of these open source and third party components, your software supply chain has become your new perimeter. Now with CLM there is a way to precisely identify the components you use, provide developers with insight to make better choices and automate policy enforcement throughout the entire application lifecycle.

Leverage the best component-based application development standards across the software lifecycle to reduce risk and speed delivery.

Fix Flaws early in the development process.

Integrated component intelligence makes it easy for developers to replace flawed components..

Reduce Risk. Reduce Costs.
Choose certified components from the start and automatically identify and remediate flaws.

Integrate governance throughout the software lifecycle.

Policy enforcement built into the tools you use today with zero development delays.

Go Fast. Be Secure.
Speed development while ensuring compliance with security, quality and licensing policies.

Monitor threats for sustained trust

Visibility to know exactly what threats exist, where they are and what actions to take.

Ensure Continuous Trust.
Monitor and quickly fix newly identified threats.

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