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    Achieve speed, efficiency, and quality across your software life cycle with software supply chain automation.

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Nexus Continuous Advantage

Achieve speed, efficiency, and quality across your software life cycle with software supply chain automation.

Compare, Try, Buy

Deliver better software, even faster.

Support Agile and DevOps

Accelerate continuous delivery using a supply chain approach.

Avoid Unplanned Work

Easily avoid known, buggy open source & 3rd party components.

Reduce Technical Debt

Use better, up-to-date open source component types and versions.

Automate OSS Governance

Build component insight and policy automation into popular dev tools.

Remediate Quickly

Instantly identify out-of-date and defective components across the SDLC.

Develop & Deploy Faster

Centralize, store, version and release all build components.

How is development like a software supply chain?

Our approach is unique because we think about the challenge differently. The manufacturing industry was transformed with three basic principles. Use fewer and better suppliers... use higher quality parts... and track what is used and where. We apply these principles to software development so you can reduce complexity, context switching, inefficiency, unplanned work and risk.

average days for an open source project to fix vulnerable component dependencies*

companies downloaded Bouncy Castle after Level 10 exploitability warning*

of organizations don’t know what components are used or where.

*Based on an analysis of Central Repository

From good to great: Gaining the continuous advantage with Nexus

Increase productivity up to

Identify defects in
(not weeks)

Reduce unplanned work by

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What's Next?

Create a free bill of materials inventory of components in your applications.

As a free community service, Sonatype offers a proprietary application analysis tool you can use to run your own confidential "application health check."

  • Confidentially and quickly analyze your open source components
  • Create a "bill of materials" inventory of precisely which components are used and where
  • Identify specific security, quality and license risks
  • Analyze both internal and third party applications
  • Ideal for Cyber Supply Chain Act initiatives

Learn more & start your analysis

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