Identify and remediate security, license and quality risk across your software development lifecycle


Much like a manufacturing supply chain, the components in your applications come from thousands of suppliers in the form of components, binaries or artifacts downloaded from open source repositories.

And, just like the manufacturing supply chain, organizations need to control and manage the quality of components used in their applications. The first step is creating a "bill of materials" to get visibility into which components are currently used in your applications and identify existing security, license or quality risks. The second step is integrating component intelligence into your current development process so that vulnerable components are kept out of your software - and if a component is discovered to be insecure, you are immediately alerted.

Now with Sonatype Component Lifecycle Management (CLM) there is a way to precisely identify the components you use, provide developers with insight to make better component choices and automate policy enforcement throughout the entire application lifecycle.

The Sonatype Component Lifecycle Management (CLM) product line includes two product options:

CLM for RiskIdeal for identifying and monitoring current and ongoing open source risk across applications.

CLM for Risk & Remediation — A superset of CLM for Risk, CLM for Risk and Remediation is ideal for integrating visibility and remediation options across the software lifecycle as well as monitoring current and ongoing open source risk across applications.

CLM for Risk & Remediation

CLM for Risk & Remediation provides complete component lifecycle management, including visibility into your component-based risks as well as streamlined capabilities to quickly remediate risk across your software development lifecycle. Use CLM for Risk & Remediation to:

  • Precisely identify components & risks - Identify risks before they are built into your software.
  • Create an application bill of materials - Gain visibility into the risk in your software supply chain.
  • Remediate risks early in development - Deliver integrated component intelligence throughout the SDLC.
  • Automate policy throughout the software development lifecycle - Prioritize and resolve defects at the earliest opportunity.
  • Manage risk with a consolidated dashboard - Define risk in highly consumable, easy to read formats.
  • Continuously monitor applications for new risks - React to new threats decisively & precisely.
  • Easily access actionable, developer-ready security data - Unique 4-step CVE curation process makes National Vulnerability Database (NVD) data accurate and actionable.
  • Manage multiple component types & languages - Conveniently use one tool to manage and reduce risk across multiple component types and languages.

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Unique Differentiators

Unlike other organizations, CLM for Risk & Remediation can be up & running in your organization in a matter of hours. The product leverages and integrates with the most popular development tools, and provides specific and manageable risk reports that won't take an army of developers to decipher and remediate. We believe that the only way to succeed at component-related risk management is to empower developers to make better choices at the start with component intelligence integrated into tools they use everyday. Furthermore, provide all stakeholders -- application management, DevOps, legal and security staff -- with clear, customized reports to illustrate your current risk status and measure your improvements over time.

Using Sonatype CLM for Risk & Remediation is one of the easiest and fastest steps you can take to significantly reduce security, license and quality-related risks.

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