Risk Assessments

Our complimentary reports allow you to assess risk across the entire software lifecycle. View the components your organization has downloaded, the state of components in your repositories and assess risk of those used in your applications. Get detailed information about your security, licensing and quality risks. See below to learn more about the risk assessment options available.

What have I downloaded?

Software Security Assessment 1

Component Snapshot Report

Learn what components your organization has downloaded from the Central Repository and which ones have potential security, licensing, or quality risks. The Component Snapshot Report provides detailed information on how many components have been downloaded and when. You'll also see component security information including severity threat levels and detailed licensing information such as copy left, nonstandard or missing information.

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What's in my repository?

Software Security Assessment 2

Repository Health Check

Obtain an overview of the components within your Nexus repository and identify any with known security vulnerabilities or unacceptable licenses. You'll learn the number of security and license alerts detected and quickly see the breakdown of vulnerabilities based on severity and the threat level it poses to your repository. You can drill down to see detailed information and reference links to further assess your risk.

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Are my applications at risk?

Software Security Assessment 3

Application Health Check

Gain visibility into the components in use within your enterprise applications. In minutes you'll analyze your application, understand its composition, and uncover potential security, licensing, and quality problems. The Application Health Check Report lets you quickly spot check your applications and code from your suppliers to obtain an accurate view of their flaws or potential vulnerabilities so you can immediately fix any issues.

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