Repository Management with Nexus

The go-to guide for gaining full visibility and control in software development with Nexus.

Covering both the Open Source version and Nexus Professional, Repository Management with Nexus shows you how to organize artifacts, enable collaboration and increase efficiency with the industry’s leading repository manager.

Let the experts show you how to infuse visibility and control throughout the development lifecycle with Nexus. This free book is packed with the essential information you need to explore the differences between the Open Source and Professional versions and fully leverage Nexus’ advanced features.

"If you are starting out with Maven, start using a repository manager. A repo is essential to becoming a happy Maven user."
Ron Wheeler, President, Artifact Software

Repository Management with Nexus couples expert insight with detailed diagrams to illustrate:

  • The Differences between Nexus Open Source and Nexus Professional
  • How to Install, Run and Configure Nexus
  • Artifact and Repository Management
  • How to Configure Maven to Use Nexus
  • Enhancing Security with Nexus
  • Nexus Smart Proxy
  • Nexus LDAP Integration
  • Approaches to Procurement
  • Procured Repository Administration
  • Build Promotion with the Nexus Staging Suite
  • Repository Health Check
  • Managing and Grouping OSGi Bundle Repositories
  • .NET Package Repositories
  • Deploying Sites to Nexus
  • Using the Atlassian Crowd Plugin
  • Nexus Best Practices
  • Much More

Read this book to learn how you can use Nexus to manage artifacts, enhance security and centralize your development processes.

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