Maven By Example

Explore key concepts and build a sample project in Maven.

Maven by Example provides a comprehensive introduction to Apache Maven, the world’s leading project management tool. Let the experts show you exactly how to develop an enterprise multi-mode project and simple Web application in Maven. Then, get tips for customizing and optimizing Maven.

Maven By Example details:

  • A Complete Introduction to Apache Maven
  • Directions for Downloading, Installing and Testing Maven
  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Building and Customizing a Maven Project
  • Details for Creating a Simple Web application and Enterprise Multi-Module Projects
  • Tips for Optimizing Maven
"If you are starting out with Maven, start using a repository manager. A repo is essential to becoming a happy Maven user."
Ron Wheeler, President, Artifact Software

With Maven, you finally have a consistent solution for managing and building large collections of interdependent modules and libraries which make use of tens of hundreds of third-party components. Read this book to learn how you can use Maven to remove the burden of third-party dependency management from your daily schedule – and evolve beyond the typical toil and struggle of build management to streamline software design.

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