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Storage and Retrieval of Binary Artifacts Easily store and retrieve binary artifacts to speed development efforts.
Deployment of Custom Binaries Custom binary support enables management of internal development efforts in the same repositories as externally sourced components.
Smart Proxies Internal proxy repositories act as mirrors that can be located near the consuming developers, reducing access time and improving availability.
Technical Support Live tech support with guaranteed service level agreements to help with configurations, upgrades, and more.
Authentication and Access Control Basic Advanced Advanced Basic support includes LDAP and fine-grained access control. Advanced includes Enterprise LDAP and Crowd support, as well as SSL certificate management and user token support.
Secure Delivery SSL secures the delivery channel from the Central Repository helping to eliminate man-in-the-middle attacks.
Comprehensive Repo and Build Tool Support Robust build and repo support (Maven, Ant/Ivy, Gradle) extends value of Nexus.
Hosted and Group Repositories Single virtual location for sharing and publishing artifacts speeds development.
Robust Search Advanced Advanced Basic search facilitates component identification and selection. Advanced capabilities include search custom metadata.
Policy Configurations Ability to define, configure and customize policies for multiple organizations and applications.
Policy Enforcement Manual Automated Define policies to codify security, licensing and quality standards at various enforcement points.
Build Promotion and Staging Basic Advanced Enforce policy to ensure that security, license and quality standards are met. Improve development processes and collaboration with managed promotion and stage across the software development lifecycle. Advanced level promotions can be driven by CLM policies.
Policy Alerts and Actions Enforce policies with active (e.g., prevent staged build from being promoted) or passive (e.g, notifying specific people) actions.
Automated Repository Health Checks Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced health checks provide reporting on all known component versions and their associated licenses, security vulnerabilities, popularity. Basic health checks provide a summary of risks, but not down to the individual component details.
Multiple Repository Formats Comprehensive repository support for Maven, NuGet, OSGi, Yum, and P2.
Multiple Component Formats Basic Basic Advanced Nexus instances are repository format neutral and include support for Maven, npm, NuGet, RubyGems, APT, and others. Check the Nexus roadmap for timing and availability of additional formats. Advanced capabilities include policy management of specific components.