CLM for Risk

Component Lifecycle Management

Quickly and precisely identify security, license and quality risk across your applications


Research shows that 90% of an average application is assembled from third party components most of which are open source downloaded from public repositories, such as the (Maven) Central Repository.

While component based application development has fueled a lot of innovation in recent years, the increasing usage of third party components can be difficult to manage and may introduce risk to your organization. For example, most organizations can’t answer common questions such as “what components are used in each application,” or “which components pose the highest degree of security, quality or licensing risk?” In short, if you aren’t securing your components, you aren’t securing your applications.

The Sonatype Component Lifecycle Management (CLM) product line includes two product options:

CLM for Risk — Ideal for identifying and monitoring current and ongoing open source risk across applications.

CLM for Risk & RemediationA superset of CLM for Risk, CLM for Risk and Remediation is ideal for integrating visibility and remediation options across the software lifecycle as well as monitoring current and ongoing open source risk across applications.

CLM for Risk

CLM for Risk provides the visibility you need to monitor and assess application risk in real-time. CLM for Risk allows you to clearly assess component security, license and quality risk against your application and organization-based security, licensing and architecture policies. You’ll receive an initial assessment to triage and prioritize your response as well as on-going monitoring for continued trust.

  • Build and maintain an accurate and timely component inventory that serves as the foundation for assessing and managing application risk.
  • Visualize component risk with real-time executive dashboards that assess all components in use across both development and production applications.
  • Identify use of third party components with known vulnerabilities including security, licensing and quality risks in all components and their many dependencies.
  • Prioritize risk and response using automated policies that reflect your organization’s unique risk profiles.
  • Continuously monitor and be alerted proactively for newly discovered threats.
  • Easily expand to full component lifecycle management which encompasses both managing risk and quickly remediating concerns (CLM for Risk & Remediation).

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Unique Differentiators

Unlike other organizations, CLM for Risk provides real-time, on-going insight into your applications months and years after they go into production. You can create an inventory of components used in any application in just minutes, complete with macro and micro analysis capabilities. Now you can easily and automatically answer even the toughest questions about component usage and current risk levels.

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