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Component Lifecycle Management (CLM)

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Two CLM Product Options

CLM for Risk

Ideal for current and ongoing visibility into open source risk across applications.

CLM for Risk & Remediation

Ideal for complete open source component management across the software lifecycle.


Precisely Identify Components & Risks

Identify risks before they are built into your software:
  • Patent-pending advanced binary fingerprinting identifies all open source software and proprietary components, as well as their dependencies
  • Determines which components are an exact, partial or modified match

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Create an Application Bill of Materials

Gain visibility into the risk in your software supply chain:
  • In just minutes, get a complete inventory of all components used in any application
  • Determine specific components and their dependencies by name, including any associated security, license and quality risks

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Remediate Risks Early in Development

Deliver active component intelligence throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC):
  • Integrated with existing developer tools, e.g. Eclipse, Jenkins, Bamboo, Sonar and many more
  • Highlights which components violate your policies
  • One-click remediation allows developers to easily migrate to a safer version
  • Supports SDLC with 'built-in' vs. 'bolt-on' security, eliminating time and frustration of late testing

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Automate Policy Throughout the SDLC

Resolve priority defects at the earliest opportunity:
  • Automate policies to build an effective, secure software development lifecycle
  • Utilize 'out-of-the-box' policies to gain an immediate view of security, license and quality risk
  • Replace manual workflow and the burden of manual reviews
  • Catch vulnerabilities at any stage of the SDLC including consumption, development, continuous integration (CI), staging and production

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Manage Risk with a Consolidated Dashboard

Define risk in highly consumable formats:
  • Executive dashboards display aggregate risk across apps, projects and/or components
  • Filter by applications, policies and SDLC stages
  • Utilize risk ranking to prioritize triage efforts

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Continuously Monitor Apps for New Risks

React to new threats decisively and precisely:
  • Use our automated early warning system to identify new risks in your component inventory
  • Be alerted of new risk based on newly published vulnerabilities for all monitored components
  • View new vulnerabilities in dashboard based on component, risk level or applications affected
  • Improve incident response times with precise identification of components and apps to be remediated

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Actionable, Developer-ready Security Data

Unique 4-step curation process makes National Vulnerability Database (NVD) data accurate and actionable:
  • Precise root cause of the issue and component dependencies are identified
  • Further analysis determines when the issue is relevant*
  • Developers can easily identify the exact vulnerable component in their repository
  • 2-4 hours of research is dedicated to every CVE (Common Vulnerability Enumeration) in the NVD
*Coming throughout 2014-2015

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Multi-Format Component Support

The convenience of one tool to manage and reduce your open source risk across all major languages.
  • Supports the most common component formats including Java, NuGet, NPM, Gems, PyPi, Cpan, etc.*
  • Comprehensive repository support for Maven, NuGet, OSGi, Yum, and P2.
*Coming throughout 2014-2015

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Request a CLM Evaluation Copy and in 1 hour, answer these questions ...

  • What components are used in your applications?
  • Which applications have the greatest component-based security, license and quality risk?
  • Have your current open source policies, golden repositories, whitelists and other processes been keeping you safe?
  • Which risks pose the greatest threat to your organization and how should they be prioritized for remediation?

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