Nexus Pro is an ideal repo for robust governance. Nexus Professional provides the basis for storing components, which is an integral part of an overall Component Lifecycle Management solution. Only Nexus Professional is integrated with Sonatype CLM, which provides a seamless way to manage components and is integrated directly into the Nexus Professional interface.

Consider Nexus Pro if any of the following apply to your organization:
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1. Depend on Your Repository to Deliver On Time, All the Time

You can eliminate unplanned downtime by using a highly available repository configuration built on the enhanced proxy capabilities of Nexus Pro. Multiple proxies behind a load balancer ensure that your developers will always have access to the latest components and ensures continuity of operations.

2. Need Control over Artifact Procurement

Many organizations need to gain better visibility and control over open source components. Nexus Pro enables you to manage component downloads from the Internet. You’ll be able to use white lists and black lists to control the components available to developers.

3. Must Avoid Components with License or Security Issues

Repository Health Awareness analyzes your entire repository and reports the popularity, license type and known security vulnerabilities for every open source component. Developers will have the information they need to choose the best components while avoiding license and security risks.

4. Consume or Share .NET Components

Nexus Pro brings the component management features you rely on for Java development to the .NET Framework. Developers can easily share artifacts and collaborate using the NuGet package manager to host and proxy .NET packages in a Nexus repository. You’ll also save on support costs by standardizing on a single repository manager for Java, .NET, and OSGI.

5. Want to Improve Your QA and Release Process

Using the Build Promotion and Staging Feature, your operations, quality assurance, and development teams can use the repository manager as a central point of collaboration. You’ll improve your development processes with a controlled workflow from development, through QA, and release that ensures components meet your requirements before being promoted to the next stage.

6. Manage Development Groups in Multiple Locations

Nexus Pro helps reduce build times and keeps multi-site teams in sync by collocating proxy servers with developers. Unlike Nexus OSS proxies that may overload the master with requests, the enhanced proxy functionality in Nexus Pro scales to support the largest deployments by pushing component update notifications from the master repository.

7. Use an Enterprise Security System such as LDAP or Atlassian Crowd

Nexus Pro integrates with your existing LDAP or Atlassian Crowd security systems to enable single sign on and ensure consistent access controls across all your development tools. While Nexus Open Source provides basic LDAP support, Nexus Pro adds several key features, including external user role mapping, server mirroring, authentication caching, multiple server support and multiple schema support. It also has been tested with popular LDAP servers such as OpenLDAP, and Microsoft Active Directory Server.

8. Are Concerned with the Security of Your Builds

Only Nexus Pro offers features to bulletproof your builds. You'll get token-based authentication using authentication keys, to ensure user passwords are kept private. In the near future, Nexus Pro customers will also get secure (SSL) access to the Central Repository (a feature only offered by Sonatype).

9. Want to Improve Developer Productivity

Nexus Pro provides enhanced collaboration and search capabilities that make it easier to develop high quality applications. You’ll improve your teamwork by hosting project web sites on the Nexus server, and sharing Maven settings and archetypes. Developers will more easily find components by searching with custom metadata, browsing archives and viewing component dependencies from within Nexus Pro.

10. Require Professional Support

When you invest in Nexus Pro, you are ensuring support from the team that created the industry-standard in repository management. With Nexus Pro, you not only get the industry-leading repository manager, you get the peace of mind that help is just a phone call away. Sonatype also offers an array of implementation and migration services for organizations looking for an extra level of assistance.