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Recently, NIST released their Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF): Recommendations for Mitigating the Risk of Software Vulnerabilities, a framework that is supposed to provide guidance on how to address software security and secure development practices.

In reviewing the recommendations, a key question that immediately stands out is whether they go far enough in considering the full spectrum of software supply chain operations, including humans who end up using software?

While it’s critically important to establish hygiene for the upstream portion of the digital value stream, it’s equally important to have a holistic view and take steps to foster hygiene for the downstream portion of the value stream. Why? Because there are usually more mistakes made in the implementation of software than in the creation of it.

Join Matt Howard, EVP at Sonatype, and industry experts Steve Springett, Chair, Cyclone DX, and Mike Wilkes, CISO, SecurityScorecard as they discuss:

  • The new framework
  • Why a holistic approach to SSDF needs to be taken
  • Why a reductionist approach to focusing just on software developers is not going to be as strong as recognizing the context for how those vulnerabilities in software occur
Matt Howard
Steve Springett
Mike Wilkes



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