Open Source Intelligence

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Nexus Firewall

Automatically stop risky components
from entering your software supply chain.

Nexus Lifecycle

Infuse component intelligence into every
phase of your software supply chain.

Nexus Auditor

Know exactly what components are inside
your software applications.

Open Source Management

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Nexus Repository Pro

Get universal support for popular formats, plus world class support, enhanced features, and high availability for continuous delivery.

Nexus Repository OSS

Store and distribute parts across your software supply chain including: Java, npm, Docker, RubyGems, PyPI, NuGet, Bower, and more.

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Trust Your Data

Nexus is 99% accurate and the only way to truly automate open source governance at scale.  Alternative solutions are 15% accurate and overhwelm your teams with false positives/negatives.

See the Nexus Difference

Software developers use open source components to be more competitive and innovative. However, not all components are created equal. See how the Nexus platform accelerates DevOps and improves quality. 

Automate DevSecOps

Only Nexus delivers open source intelligence that is precise and accurate enough to enable machine automated enforcement of policies across every phase of the modern DevOps pipeline.