Save Your Seat

The current economic climate has the entire industry asking, how can we save time and money? For any organization focused on software, that question translates to - how can we reduce technical debt and developer waste? 

In this webinar, Brian Fox, Co-Founder and CTO, Sonatype will present results from our 9th Annual State of the Software Supply Chain report, which answers this question. Hint - it’s not just the introduction of AI. From the past 9 years, we know that developer productivity soars when there is access to superior tools and better open source components, enabling developers to be the driving force behind better security and better products. Brian will share what we’ve uncovered by exploring open source consumption behavior and ways we can all stop unnecessary waste in our development practices including: 

  • Development practices are still widely inconsistent - ultimately creating more risk, unproductive developers, and loss of time and money

  • 96% of vulnerable downloaded releases had a fixed version available 

  • Good data saves you twice as much time when upgrading open source components

  • SBOMs are only a start, a true Software Composition Analysis (SCA) program is needed

You’ll also walk away with key insights into open source usage and best security practices based on a year’s worth of data from Maven Central and hundreds of survey responses.

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