How to protect your development environment from malicious and vulnerable components

May 21 | 11 AM EST



Open source is a game-changer in software development, but it's not without risks. Remember the Log4j chaos? Despite Apache's efforts to alert the public, many organizations failed to respond promptly. Even now, around 30% of organizations are still using the vulnerable version, leading to widespread exploits." Now, attacks on open source go beyond exploiting vulnerabilities to injecting malicious code directly into libraries. In our webinar, we'll guide you through:

  • Learn from Log4j: Understand critical lessons from the Log4j chaos to improve vulnerability response.
  • Tackle Growing Threats: Explore strategies to mitigate risks amid the rising threat landscape in open source.
  • Defend Against Code Injection: Acquire actionable insights to safeguard against malicious code injected into open source libraries.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of open source challenges and fortify your software development practices. Join us and stay ahead of the curve!

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