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Become a DevSecOps Leader

Executive leadership program that brings together technology and security professionals to share experiences on how to accelerate software innovation and minimize security risk. 



Participate in an intimate roundtable discussion with executive technology leaders who have successfully implemented governance practices within DevOps transformations.



Spend a half day with industry peers learning how to bring together software developers and security professionals to remediate open source risk, without slowing down innovation.



Join industry leaders and peers as they answer questions about the rapidly changing role of security, governance, and people within DevOps and digital transformations.


Enrique Cervantes Mora

IT Security Architect

Juan Jose Torres Garcia

Head of Cyber Security

Grégory Royer

Consultant SI, Administrateur d’intégration continue

Aubrey Stearn

Interim CTO

Gene Kim

DevOps Author and Researcher

Lauren Knausenberger

Director, Cyberspace Innovation

Vlad Nikolov

Principal Security Engineer

Joe Friedrichsen

Managing Director Infrastructure and Operations

Jason Meltzer

Director of Technology

Garrison Hu

Principal Security Engineer

Terry Hardin

Director of DevOps

Nicolas Chaillan

Chief Software Officer

Chris Roberts

Adversarial Researcher

Jasmine James

IT Manager, DevOps, Dojo and Cloud Enablement

Keanen Wold

Manager, Application Services

Katie Arrington

CISO for the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition

Dana Finster

Principal Software Engineer, Cyber Security

Sladjana Jovanovic

VP of Enterprise Payments Technology

Edwin Kwan

Head of Application and Software Security

Wayne Jackson

Chief Executive Officer

Mitun Zavery

Senior Solutions Architect

Mike Wilkes


Bruno Darras

Head of DevOps program

Jamie Astin

Head of Engineering

Kevin Foley

IT Delivery Operational Manager

Ryan Sheldrake

Principal Architect

Stefan Simenon

Head of Middleware, Data Management and Public Cloud Platform Services

Rainer Heinold

VP Technology and Services

Igor Simunovic

DevOps Practice Lead & Manager, Architecture and Engineering

Dharshin De Silva

Security Architect

Tanvi Bali

Cyber Security Operations Lead

Derek Weeks

Vice President

Daniel Garcia

Advanced Security Labs Expert

Prem Ranganath

VP, Quality & Risk Management

Jonathan Schneider

Digital Technology and Delivery

Chitra Elango

Director of Cyber Security

John Scheel

Director of Platforms and Infrastructure

Guy Dumais

Software Developer Specialist

Bryan Batty

Director, Product and Infrastructure Security

Sean Poris

VP of Application Security

Russell Webster

VP & Sr. Manager–Delivery Tools & Services, DevOps Disciple Lead

Patrick H. Alston

Director DevSecOps

David Radford-Grant

Manager of DevOps Engineering

Jochen Hahn

DevOps Senior Engineer

Chris Romeo


Robert Graham

Director, Cybersecurity and Threat Management

Ron Ross

Computer Scientist

Themba Hinke


Oscar Ornelas

Director, Enterprise Applications Security Architect

Moe Askari

Lead Application Security Architect

CT Chidambaram

Application Security Architect

Bryan Finster

Founder and Director, DevOps Dojo

Mark Miller


Flavio Tischhauser

IT Security Manager

Hervé Boutemy

Sales Engineer

Adam Such

Sales Engineer

Reuben Athaide

Head of Cloud Enablement

Cameron Townshend

Solutions Architect

Stefan Thanheiser

Software Asset Manager

Howard Zeemer

Operational Tools and Automation Engineer

Rob Aragao

Chief Security Strategist

Brian Fox

Management Consultant, 18F

James Dean

Manager of Delivery Automation Services

Robb Keayes

DevOps Coaching Lead

George Njuguna


Peter Rix

Co-Founder & CIO

Natasha Anderson

Engineering Practice Lead

Vitaly Unic

InfoSecurity Architect

Benny Bustan

Director DevOps

Mark Miller

Founder, All Day DevOps

Roman Ostrovski

DevOps Team Leader

Eamon Nelson

Technology Specialist

Ирина Тишельман

Solutions Architect

Юрий Шабалин

Leading Information Security Architect

Сергей Белов

Application Security Teamlead

Dudu Yosef

DevSecOps Lead & Cyber architect

Clemens Berndt

Managing Director

Nachu Subramanian

Head of DevOps Engineering Center of Excellence

Yogesh Shetty

Senior Information Technology Specialist

Chee Keong Seow

Vice President, Cybersecurity Architecture

Александр Киверин


Mohan Yelnadu

Group Head, Application Security

Saravana Babu

Senior Consultant

Lars Brößler

Senior Software Developer

Shane Close

Dach Regional Director

Dr. Antje Nowack

Abteilungsleiterin Softwareentwicklung - Forschung & Grundlagen

Benjamin Liebe

Application Security Specialist

Neil Schloth

Director of Application Security

Michael Warthen

Software Development Center of Excellence

Les Correia

Interim Head of Application Security

Gaurav Agarwal

DevOps Consultant

Cristiano Corrado

Principal Security Engineer

Tim Tomlinson


Martin Knobloch

Global AppSec Strategist

Steve Finch

Head of Architecture and Cloud Operations

Ramesh Regulapati

Director of DevOps

Robbie Tyrie

Information Security Manager

Johan Arvidsson

Systems Architect

Tony Ghilain

Security Champion

Lionel Lecha

Directeur Système d'Information Appui

Olivier Clavel

ThoTeam, Expert DevSecOps

Salman Khan

Senior Project & Programme Manager

Naveen Kadian

DevSecOps Manager

Jo Edwards

Continuous Delivery and DevOps Manager

Sal Padilla

Senior IT Architect

Saran Makam

Director, Application Security

Michelle Dufty


Matt Howard

Chief Marketing Officer

Sonatype Envelope

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