Integrating Open Source Supply Chain Management

into your DevOps tool chain

March 19 | 11 AM EST

Open source software (OSS) has reshaped software development for the better, emphasizing reusability, transparency, and easy integration. Yet, it brings risks like vulnerabilities, potential attacks, and disappearing dependencies. To safeguard your projects, stay updated on component versions and adopt responsible practices, integrating open source supply chain management into your devops tools. 


In this webinar, we'll explore a game-changing approach to address these concerns. Imagine saving more than 2X the time while enhancing the security of your software development process – all through the power of automated dependency management.

This discussion will cover:

  • Tools to identify component issues
  • Monitoring software at multiple points in the devops pipeline
  • Employing binary artifact repositories
  • Vetting OSS sources, improving build pipeline speed and reliability
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Tyler Warden

SVP of Product at Sonatype

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