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Sonatype Lifecycle 101: Balancing software supply chain security with DevOps agility

In this webinar, you will learn how you can enable the transformative concept of shifting security left, create an early warning system of open source risks in your CI/CD pipelines while instilling confidence in the integrity of your digital assets, and propelling your innovation priorities. Hosted by Nitin Phadnis, Sr. Product Marketing Manager and Dariush Griffin, Sr. Product Manager at Sonatype.

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As digital transformation continues its relentless march, software development has emerged as a crucial driver of innovation and differentiation. However, blind spots in the software supply chain, and the inability to spot them and mitigate subsequent threats can compromise your organization's integrity and even pose an existential threat. When the constant pressure of new product releases while ensuring quality and security is added to the mix, it can quickly become a slippery slope for devs and security teams. 

Sonatype Lifecycle provides a robust platform to empower your teams, offering a modern approach to software development - from identifying and mitigating open-source vulnerabilities to enforcing policy compliance at every stage of development - at enterprise scale and DevOps speed.

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Meet our Expert Speakers:

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Nitin Phadnis

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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Dariush Griffin

Sr. Product Manager