Webinar Series with Sonatype, AWS, and DXC

Power of SBOMs: Securing the Software Supply Chain


Unlocking Transparency and Security in Software Development with Sonatype, AWS, and DXC

As Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) become imperative for technology providers, Sonatype, AWS, and DXC have put together an expert panel to provide a deep dive on the topic.

This exclusive two-part webinar series offers a comprehensive view of SBOMs to clarify their purpose, use cases, and significance in advancing software transparency, compliance, and security.

Part 1: Mastering SBOMs:
Best Practices

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Explore the fundamentals and best practices of SBOMs with our industry leaders. Learn why SBOMs are crucial in regulated sectors and how to integrate them effectively into your software development processes.

Part 2: SBOMs in Action:

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Witness SBOMs in action through real-world applications and demonstrations. This session will showcase the practical aspects of implementing SBOMs and the tangible benefits they bring to software security and compliance.

Meet our Expert Speakers:

Hex-yellow (4)

Ilkka Turunen

Field CTO

turquoise (10)

Marc Luescher

Solution Architect at AWS

Hex-purple (11)

Roger Smith

Global Testing & Digital Assurance Lead

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your understanding of SBOMs and their impact on software development and security.