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2017 Software Supply Chain Report

Download this year’s report to see how supply and demand for open source software components is influencing modern application development in a DevOps native world

What's New in this Year's Report

  • Deep insight into Java, JavaScript, .NET, Python, Docker
  • Quality and security benchmarks from 7,500 DevOps organizations 
  • Vulnerability assessments of 122,000 OSS Projects and 17,000 applications
  • Emerging discussions on software liability and government policies impacting DevOps teams 

Innovation is king and speed is critical

We live in an application economy where software has shifted from being a driver of nominal efficiency gains to an enabler of new customer experiences and markets. To compete effectively on a global playing field, companies aren’t just writing software — they’re manufacturing it as fast as they can using an infinite supply of open source component parts, machine automation, and supply chain-like processes.

SSC 2017

Open source is center stage

This year's report reveals three key findings:

  1. An insatiable appetite for innovation is fueling the ever expanding supply and demand of open source components
  2. Components of varying quality are flowing through development lifecycles and landing in production applications
  3. DevOps-native development teams are leveraging trusted software supply chains to improve quality and productivity

The Results

Enterprises can improve net innovation via improved software supply chain management practices.


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