DevSecOps Webinar: How to Empower Developers with Nexus Lifecycle


  Wednesday, May 2nd at 10:30 AM DST (Local Time)

At Sonatype we have a long history of partnership with the world of open source software development. From our beginning as core contributors to Apache Maven, to supporting the world’s largest repository of open source components (Central), to distributing the world's most popular repository manager (Nexus), we exist for one simple reason: to help accelerate software innovation.

Sonatype will discuss how to empower developers by shifting left and giving them information about Security and Licensing into their Integrated Developer Environment. We will look at the Software Development Lifecycle and integrating security checks at different stages.  By shifting left and empowering developers, DevSecOps will be easier, faster, safer and cheaper

Watch this webinar recording to learn:

  • How to use Nexus Lifecycle to identify and remediate a critical security vulnerability within your IDE
  • How to scan an application and to create and read the corresponding Software Bill of Materials. 

Speaker Details:


Ammar Hindi
Sales Director, APAC at Sonatype.



Cameron Townshend
Solutions Architect, APAC at Sonatype

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