Sonatype Unveils Full-Spectrum Software Supply Chain Management | Press Release

Control your code.

Safe Migrations

Single Click, Safe Migrations

We pinpoint the easiest upgrade options with the fewest breaking changes. You upgrade with a single click. OSS projects release new versions all the time. We keep up with the changes and evaluate them, so you don’t have to.

High Quality Components

Highest-Quality Components From the Best Suppliers

You depend on access to the very best OSS projects. We’ve studied their release patterns, update frequency, dev team size, popularity, vulnerability history, and more. Our new ratings let you know what to pick and what to avoid.


Comprehensive Visibility Into Dependencies

You don’t want to upgrade to a new component version only to be thwarted by policy violations, security vulnerabilities, or failed builds. We take the worry away with instant alerts to known issues that can address both your direct and transitive dependencies.

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