SON_Remediate_Risk_conveyor@2xContinuously identify and remediate open source risk. 

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Examining your own application does not expose your source and binary code in any way.

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A Better Way to Manage Open Source Risk

Accelerate software innovation with integrated DevSecOps.
Infuse automated governance into every phase of your CI/CD pipeline.

Advanced Binary Fingerprinting precisely identifies actual security defects.

ABF identifies components via cryptographic hash, structural similarity, derived coordinate, and file name.

Rapidly remediate real bugs with fewer false positives.

A premier source of open source risk and developer-friendly remediation guidance.

“Because it's proactive and it's live data, you know instantly if any part of your application is now vulnerable. Not only that but when you get the information about the vulnerability, part of the Lifecycle mechanism actually gives you alternatives that you can use.”

- C. Chani (Financial Services), IT Central Station Review

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