Report Finds 430% Increase in Next-Gen Open Source Cyber Attacks | Press Release


Coming soon: Nexus User Conference On Demand

Thank you to everyone who attended our 3rd-annual online user conference. Were you unable to make it? We've got you covered. Our team is hard at work turning the live sessions into on demand videos that will be accessible to you in the next couple of days. Be sure to check back here soon for access to all 40 sessions, completely free and on demand.

Why Attend


Show & Tell

Our engineering and customer success teams will reveal new features, share implementation best practices, and deliver live demos of our Nexus Platform and free developer tools. These sessions will give engineers a chance to show off the cool and innovative things they've built to make your job easier.


Insights & Best Practices

Learn from other users who have improved their time to identify and remediate risky components by 70%, reduced their window of exposure by 75%, saved four hours of rework per week per developer, and standardized on Nexus Repository for all of their build artifacts.



There are no velvet ropes to block you from conversations with anyone at our conference.  It's open, accessible, and free. We encourage discussions through Slack workspace and will facilitate open space conversations throughout the conference. Be sure to sign up for our executive 1:1 meetings as well.


Wayne Jackson
Brian Fox
Dave Farley
Founder & Director
Edwin Kwan
Head of Application & Software Security
AJ Brown
Product Manager
Flavio Tischhauser
IT Security Manager
Brittany Belle
Senior Software Engineer
Derek Weeks
VP of Marketing, DevOps Advocate
Bala Kannan
Principal Architect
Xiaorong Xiang
Senior Software Engineer
Austin Bradley
Enterprise Infrastructure Architect
Russ Eling
Founder and CEO of OSS
Nachu Subramanian
Head of DevOps Engineering Center of Excellence
Isaac Godinez Villanueva
Tech Lead
Eric Zirkelbach
Configuration Management Team
Karen Scarfone
Cybersecurity Writer
Justin Young
Group Product Manager, Platform Integrations
Dariush Griffin
Product Manager, DI/DL
Mark Raynsford
Joseph Stephens
Product Manager
Dennis Hurst
Founder and CEO
Ax Sharma
Sr Security Researcher
Chris Tolo
Customer Success Engineer
Michael Prescott
Product Manager, Nexus Repository
Dan Townsend
Customer Success Engineer
Artie Jurgenson
Solutions Architect
Michelle Dufty
Senior Director, Product Marketing
Jamie Whitehouse
Product Manager
Maury Cupitt
Director, Pre-Sales
Caleb Sexton
Product Manager
Brianne Strozewski
Senior Content Developer
Jim Wilcox
Product Manager
Kam Lau
Product Manager
Melanie Latin
Senior eLearning Manager
Jerry Gergel
Manager, Customer Success Engineering
Jeffry Hesse
Product Owner





Yes, Your Applications Are Under Attack: Protecting Each Step of the Development Lifecycle

Your developer supply chain is constantly under attack. In this workshop/lecture, Maury Cupitt will look at each phase of the development lifecycle and show how to protect each of those phases using the Nexus Platform. 


OSS Index: Seven Tools to Manage the Security of Your Open Source Projects

In this workshop/lecture, Jeffry Hesse — Product Owner at Sonatype — examines OSS Index, a free service provided for developers to check if any library has known, disclosed vulnerabilities. Jeffry will go over seven free tools available in the OSS Index tool box.


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