Three Fannie Mae Executives Share Their DevSecOps Journey

Fannie Mae leaders from their development, security and operations teams joined together to discuss their DevSecOps transformation. Hear how they transformed their culture, trained their teams, and broke down silos to deliver incredible business value at scale. 

In this webinar, Fannie Mae executives share how they: 

  • Accelerate innovation while ensuring security requirements are met
  • Break down cultural and technological barriers between development, security, and operations
  • Embrace automation in their DevSecOps practices
  • Built their DevSecOps teams through strong hiring and training practices

Speaker Details:


Satya Addagarla 
VP - Single-Family Front-End, Fannie Mae


Michael Garcia
VP - Development Services, Fannie Mae


Christopher Porter
VP & Chief Of Information Security, Fannie Mae


Derek Weeks
VP and DevOps Advocate, Sonatype Moderator

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