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Sonatype Selected by Equifax to Support OS Governance Press Release

and the Nexus Platform

Taking approval processing from 25 days to 5 minutes
with Nexus automation
Salesforce and the Nexus Platform




  • Open source usage needing pre-approval by both security and legal teams
  • Each team using a component needed to submit a review request
  • Manual open source licensing review
  • Manual code review
  • 800 jars took 25 days to review


  • Nexus Repository
  • Nexus IQ Server
  • Nexus Lifecycle
  • Nexus Firewall


  • 25 day review process taken down to 5 minutes through automation with the Nexus Platform
  • Comprehensive view of open source security risk
  • Continuous scanning of components in use within production
  • Able to integrate security into the existing developer tool set
  •  Capability of bringing information about vulnerabilities straight into the bug management system
"We are challenging our build and integration systems to use Nexus IQ on a regular cadence so they don’t have to rely on the security teams to come and scan. This project has been so impactful, that they’ve said it’s the best project to come out of security."

Mary Lee, Director
Security Product and Program Management, Salesforce