Sonatype Delivers Premium Open Source Controls to GitHub | Press Release

The EDF Group with Nexus Lifecycle and IQ Server

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The EDF Group



  • No scalable way to determine liability of open source in use
  • Retrospective manual security practices
  • Manual declaration of component usage to security team by developers
  • No visibility into open source libraries used within a project
  • Could not monitor and track open source within production


  • Nexus Repository Manager
  • Nexus Lifecycle
  • Ansible
  • OpenShift
  • Jenkins with plugin to Docker
  • Eclipse plugin
  • SonarQube plugin


  • Immediate visibility into open source security issues
  • Rapid selection of safe, open source components
  • Automatic tracking and monitoring of libraries as part of development process
  • Easily generated reports on libraries used within applications
“The biggest advantage of using IQ Server is to be able to report to our project team what specific libraries are used within our applications. We have immediate visibility into security issues.”

Olivier Router, Head of CI DevOps Engineering Team
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