Sonatype Delivers Premium Open Source Controls to GitHub | Press Release

Discovery Health w/ Nexus Lifecycle 

Monitoring and tracking open source component usage
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Discovery Health



  • Manual effort to evaluate and approve open source components
  • Inability to analyze specific components for security or license risks
  • Limited to no visibility into component dependencies
  • Difficulty in monitoring and tracking which components were deployed within applications


  • Nexus Repository Manager
  • Nexus Lifecycle


  • Automated governance capability that scales across Dev and Ops teams
  • Access to precise data about components that is continuously refreshed
  • Precise information on open source license exposure
  • Immediate notifications and remediation guidance for known open source component vulnerabilities impacting development and production
"We needed constant monitoring and notifications of open source vulnerabilities in our applications. That’s what Nexus Repository and Nexus Lifecycle delivered."

Nick Alexander, Systems Architect
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