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Crosskey and Nexus Lifecycle

More secure, more agile, more trusted banking solutions with Nexus Lifecycle
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Crosskey: Banking Solutions



  • Must meet PCI DSS standard
  • Differentiation in competitive market
  • Adhere to specification of OWASP A9
  • Replace manual approval processes
  • Become compliant, stay compliant over time


  • Automated avoidance of components with known vulnerabilities
  • Bill of materials for all components within card processing solution
  • Faster development with full control
  • Easier compliance, minimal manual effort
  • Increased speed in build and release process
"Sonatype specializes in streamlining component-based development, so the quality is much higher than any other solution we evaluated and far better than manual effort."

Monika Liikamaa, Director of Crosskey Card Solutions
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