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Learn the benefits of SCA and autoremediation fixes early in development:


Applications are the Weakest
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Of the firms who experienced an external attack, 42% of global security decision makers stated it was a software vulnerability and 35% said it was through a web application. 


Application Security in
Pre-release, is Not Enough

SCA efforts need to accelerate and shift toward the development phase. Firms that implement SCA early in the SDLC ensure apps are secure from security and licensing vulnerabilities.


Embrace Automation in Testing and Remediation

Auto-remediation features scale development teams and help reduce the time to fix. Firms must trust vendors to recommend a fix with no known security vulnerabilities. 


Building Application Security Has Never Been More Urgent




Include Both Open Source and Container Images

When documenting application risk, it is important to adopt SCA and container tools to make sure teams are maintaining updated inventory of all third-party components.

Invest in Developer Security Champions

Formal, funded programs to help developers identify and better understand secure coding practices and attack trends accelerates success.

Identify Remediation Policies

Providing clear guidance to developers on when to accept remediation recommendations or when to seek additional support is key to managing open source.

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