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A Wicked Good Development Crossover - Federal Tech Podcast

Wicked Good Development is dedicated to the future of open source. This space is to learn about the latest in the developer community and talk shop with open source software innovators and experts in the industry.

This week's episode features a crossover with episode 32 of the Federal Tech podcast. Sonatype's Dr. Stephen Magill joins Federal Tech host, John Gilroy, for a discussion on how software developers can be assured code they develop is safe. Listen in as they discuss topics that range from how even bespoke code needs new versions and improvements over time to other interesting aspects of software risk, like artifacts. 

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Kadi is passionate about the DevOps / DevSecOps community since her days of working with COBOL development and Mainframe solutions. At Sonatype, she collaborates with developers and security researchers and hosts Wicked Good Development, a podcast about the future of open source. When she's not working with the developer community, she loves running, traveling, and playing with her dog Milo.