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EOL for NXRM2: NXRM3 Offers Enhanced Security and Worry-Free Scaling


The time has finally come for Sonatype and our Nexus Repository users to move to a more secure future together. To this end, we are officially beginning the end-of-support process for Nexus Repository 2 and will no longer support this product as of February 29, 2024; rest assured that we have a plan for you and your team to help you upgrade to Nexus Repository 3. 

We released Nexus Repository 3 in 2016 after using customer feedback and lessons learned to completely redesign the Nexus Repository product.

We’ve implemented

  • Automatic failover to make the product more reliable.
  • Added SAML/SSO for enhanced security.
  • Added high availability clustering to allow for exponentially more scalability, and broader ecosystem support giving users more flexibility within their software development environments.

Here at Sonatype, we truly believe that you will love Nexus Repository 3 much more than its predecessor. We’ve put together an awesome blog that goes over some of the reasons we think that making the upgrade is worth the effort.

We know this is a big change, so we’re here to help with answers to your questions and recommendations for what to do next. We have created an End of Support Resource Center for all of our users that goes over the differences between Nexus Repository 2 vs. 3, how to determine and plan your upgrade path, using the Nexus Repository 3 Upgrade Wizard, and more.

Additionally, for our Repository Pro Customers, feel free to contact the Sonatype Support teams with any additional questions, comments, or concerns. You can reach also reach out to your Customer Success Engineer. If you are an OSS user and looking for additional assistance, please reach out to our team to get you upgraded to Pro. We also offer workshops that can help  you with your upgrade path. You are not alone, we are here to help you along this journey.

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Written by Chris Good

Chris is a Product Marketing Manager with Sonatype. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Chris studied Communications and Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh. He enjoys working for Sonatype because of the culture here at the company -- it's diverse and promotes creativity. When he's not working with DevSecOps community, he loves snowboarding, cycling, and traveling.