Course Overview

The Nexus Pro Architecture Quickstart gives you the knowledge and practical instruction necessary to leverage component management in your Nexus environment. Take this workshop to get up to speed quickly and understand how component policies can be used to guide your release and promotion processes. A focus of this workshop will be exposure to different release-management architecture options using the staging and release features of Nexus Pro, CLM Edition.

Goals for this course include:

  • Understanding how staging and promotion can be architected to meet your requirements
  • Learning about the different repository types and how they support your repository strategy
  • Determining the best architecture design
  • Learning from real-world examples from other Nexus and CLM users
  • Implementing a project with Nexus staging
  • Format:

    Classroom, on-site or online. Custom also available

  • Cost:

    Multiple options are available and prices may vary. Please contact us at

Detailed Nexus Pro Architecture Outline

Module 1 : Repository Management Basics Review

  • Quick review of basic repository management and repository concepts

Module 2 : Build Promotion and Staging

  • Discussion about build promotion and staging
  • Releasing to Nexus with and without the Nexus staging suite
  • Extending staging with CLM integration
  • Detailed staging suite concepts
  • Common build workflow with staging in the enterprise

Module 3 : Real World Common Use Cases with Build Promotion and Staging

  • The “Toll booth” method: Simple one step process to scan prior to release
  • Fully customized: Fully customize the staging process to meet your requirements

Module 4: Staging Implementation (Workshop)

  • Discuss overall implementation strategy
  • Configure the necessary staging profiles and build promotion profiles
  • Configure the necessary CLM integration (optional)
  • Configure the Maven staging plugin

Module 5 : Architecture Review

  • Interactive whiteboard session to reviews current and desired configuration of Nexus Pro and CLM
  • Introduction to Sonatype support for Q&A

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