Events & Webinars

Nexus Live: July 2013 profiling Nexus with JMX

On-Demand Recording: Streamed on July 17, 2013

Watch our July session to learn how to profile your Nexus installation with JMX and hear from the Maven creator, Jason van Zyl on the highlights of the newest Maven 3.1.0 release.


Nexus Live: June 2013 improving security, build promotion & staging

On-Demand Recording: Streamed June 19, 2013

Learn how you can extend your repository manager strategy to improve the security and quality of your applications. Find out how you can simplify your build promotion and staging with recent Nexus Pro enhancements. Also, learn how you can use Gradle to deploy components to Nexus.


Nexus Live: May 2013 focus on Repository Healthcheck

On-Demand Recording: Streamed May 31, 2013

See the most popular feature of Nexus in action, get a complete overview of the Repository Health Check to assess the health of the components in your repository. Avoid risks by reviewing popularity, license type and security vulnerabilities for every component in the repository. Also see an early preview of Nexus 2.6.


Nexus Live: April 2013 with LDAP tips & tricks

On-Demand Recording: Streamed April 26, 2013

Learn tips and tricks for using the LDAP support available in both Nexus OSS and Nexus Pro. Learn about top support issues with Nexus 2.4 and get an early preview on Nexus 2.5.


Nexus Live: March 2013 with new Nexus 2.4 features

On-Demand Recording: Streamed March 22, 2013

The top of the hour kicked off with new features of Nexus 2.4 and the rest of the hour was dedicated to live Q&A discussion with active community members and our expert panel.


Webinar: Nexus 2.0 Live Demo

On-Demand Recording

Jason van Zyl, Sonatype Founder and CTO, demonstrates how Nexus 2.0 will help you avoid downtime, iImprove repository management and standardize on a single repository manager for .NET, Java, and OSGi



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