Gartner 2014 Security & Risk Management Summit

June 23-26, 2014 | National Harbor, MD (Washington D.C. area)

Do organizations use vulnerable components? A few eye-opening examples...

Open source fules innovation and is vital to accelerate the pace of development; however, lack of visibility into component vulnerabilities and associated fixes means that vulnerable components stay in use years after alerts are issued. Visit Booth #316 for a free application analysis to ID known vulnerable components.

This popular open source web application framework was downloaded 179,050 times even after 30+ public vulnerability announcements.

In 2013 this cryptography API with a Level 10 critical vulnerability was downloaded 214,484 times—despite warnings given five years earlier.

A version of this component with broken SSL validation was downloaded 3,749,193 times one year after a critical security alert was issued.

Learn how you can avoid using vulnerable components