Nexus Pro CLM Edition

Nexus Pro PLUS Policy Enforcement

Nexus Pro CLM Edition is an enhanced version of Nexus Pro which enables users to easily define and enforce component security and license policies during software development. As such, it is an important first step toward complete Component Lifecycle Management (CLM).

According to industry studies, today’s applications are comprised of 80% or more components, and 90 percent of component repositories contain severe vulnerabilities. With Nexus Pro CLM Edition, various component security, licensing and architecture policies are easily defined and automatically enforced in the release or staging process. Having policy management built right into the tools developers use every day makes security a habit, not a hassle.

Nexus Pro CLM includes everything in Nexus Pro, plus:

Security, licensing and architecture policies are easily defined and enforced during build promotion and staging using Nexus Pro CLM Edition. Sonatype CLM supports the entire software lifecycle including procure, develop, build and operate stages.


Sonatype CLM security, licensing and architecture policies configured for different application types.

Component governance features automate policy management and approvals so that you can better manage the release process using the repository manager. Sonatype CLM extends this throughout the software lifecycle with enforcement points in the IDE and CI Server.


The Policy editor is used to configure appropriate action for staged and production releases. Sonatype CLM extends support to other stages.

While Nexus Pro provides the foundation for storing, managing and sharing components, Nexus Pro CLM Edition adds the capability to prevent flawed components from making their way into production. Sonatype’s full CLM solution extends component governance features beyond the Nexus Pro Repository to the entire lifecycle, including the IDE and CI Server.