Course Overview

The Sonatype Maven training course Maven Fundamentals (formerly known as MVN-101: Maven Mechanics) is the premier Java developer training course. It comprehensively covers Maven installation and configuration, explains the motivation behind Maven and gives an overview of related development tools.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Install and Run Apache Maven
  • Understand the contents of a Maven POM
  • Customize a Maven Lifecycle
  • Understand how to use Maven Plugins

Upcoming Virtual Training Classes

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
11:00AM-6:00PM EST (GMT-0500)
$595 USD per student Enroll
  • Recommended For:

    Ideal for programmers who work with Maven projects and need to understand how to work with an existing Maven build. This class is also appropriate for the existing Maven user who is interested in developing a greater understanding of the Maven fundamentals.

  • Related Product:

    Nexus Professional

  • Prepares For:

    Advanced Maven Techniques

  • Format:

    Virtual Training Classes and Private On-Site Training Classes are available.

  • Cost:

    Virtual Training Classes - Normally $595 USD
    Private On-Site Training Classes - Please contact a sales representative for pricing

  • Requirements:

    Please review the system requirements.

Course Outline

Module 1: An Introduction to Maven

  • What is Maven?
  • The Apache Maven Project
  • Installing Maven
  • Running Maven

Module 2: Projects

  • Creating a New Maven Project
  • Artifact Coordinates
  • The Project Object Model (POM)
  • Standard Directory Layout

Module 3: Core Concepts

  • The Maven Lifecycle
  • Key Lifecycle Phases
  • Maven Plugins and Goals
  • Lifecycles and Goals
  • Customizing the Lifecycle
  • Packaging Types and Lifecycles

Module 4: Dependencies

  • Maven Dependencies
  • Dependency Scope
  • Maven Repositories
  • Finding Dependencies

Module 5: Introduction to Multi-Module Builds

  • Project Aggregation
  • Project Inheritance

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With Sonatype training, you’ll learn Apache Maven fundamentals, best practices, tips and tricks directly from the experts. To best meet the needs of your organizations, we offer a number of course formats, ranging from instructor-led virtual classes, to private on-site training.

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