Course Overview

The Sonatype training course Advanced Maven Techniques is perfect for the advanced Maven user and introduces repository management using Nexus.

You will leave class equipped with a full understanding of:

  • Multi-Module projects, plugin management and profiles
  • Properties and filtering
  • SCM usage and release process with Maven
  • Installing and configuring a Repository Manager
  • Real world scenarios and best practices

Upcoming Virtual Training Classes

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
11:00AM-6:00PM EST (GMT-0500)
$795 USD per student Enroll
  • Objectives:

    Using Maven to stabilize builds and further streamline and automate development life cycle tasks following Maven conventions and best practices.

  • Prerequisites:

    MVN 101: Maven Fundamentals

  • Recommended For:

    Ideal for advanced Maven users and Development Infrastructure Engineers who are responsible for maintaining enterprise development infrastructure.

  • Related Products:

    Nexus Professional, Sonatype m2eclipse

  • Prepares For:

    Build Infrastructure with Maven, Nexus, m2eclipse and Hudson

  • Format:

    Virtual Training Classes and Private On-Site Training Classes are available.

  • Cost:

    Virtual Training Classes - $795 USD
    Private On-Site Training Classes - Please contact a sales representative for pricing.

  • Requirements:

    Please review the system requirements.

Course Outline

Module 1: Multi-Module Builds

  • Project Aggregation
  • Project Inheritance
  • The Super-POM
  • The Effective POM

Module 2: Properties, Filtering, and Profiles

  • Properties
  • Resources & Filters
  • Inclusion & Exclusion
  • Build Profiles

Module 3: Advanced Plugin Management

  • Advanced Plugin Management
  • Maven Plugin Configuration in POM
  • Plugin Configuration Inheritance
  • Managing Plugin Dependencies

Module 4: Release Management

  • Repository Management
  • Source Control Integration
  • Deploying to a Repository
  • Snapshots and Releases
  • Automating Releases

Module 5: Maven Sites

  • Maven Site and Documentation Mechanism
  • The Site Lifecycle
  • The Default Site Directory Layout
  • The Site Descriptor
  • Reporting Plugins

Module 6: Real World Scenarios

  • Command Line Productivity Boosters
  • Eclipse Integration Tips & Tricks
  • Ensuring Consistent Maven Versioning
  • Company POM
  • Project Parent POM
  • Scripting and Maven
  • Web Development with Maven
  • WAR Projects
  • Integration Testing
  • Migration from Ant to Maven

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