Component Lifecycle Management (CLM) Developer Workshop

Course Overview

The CLM Developer workshop provides the knowledge and practical instruction to get developers started with Sonatype CLM. Take this workshop to get up to speed quickly and understand how component management can be a natural part of your development process. Attendees will see how policy-based guidance for component selection and component governance will speed their development efforts and help ensure trusted applications.

Goals for this course include:

  • Understanding the benefits of Sonatype CLM
  • Learning how to use component management in the Eclipse IDE
  • Learning how to triage and prioritize remediation efforts
  • Being proficient at fixing flawed components in your applications
  • Format:

    Classroom, on-site or online. Custom also available

  • Cost:

    Multiple options are available and prices may vary. Please contact us at

Detailed CLM Developer Workshop Outline

Module 1 : Introduction to CLM

  • Understand the risk and magnitude of OSS consumption
  • Building a good component practice
  • Finding your place in the CLM deployment model
  • Defining the role of CLM policy

Module 2 : CI Plugin Installation & Configuration

  • Getting the IDE plugin installed and configured
  • Consuming and mitigating CLM results

Module 3 : Prioritizing Remediation

  • Understanding CLM Data
  • Establishing a security, license, and architecture issue resolution strategy

Module 4 : Support for other IDEs

  • Working with the Maven plugin in other IDEs
  • Using the command line scanner
  • Accessing embedded reports

Module 5 : Socializing Expectations

  • Bridging the developer and CLM owner gap
  • Discussing scanning philosophies for component selection and governance
  • Describing developer communication processes

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