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Two Nexus Pro Product Options

Nexus Pro

Enterprise-class component management with enhanced security and support.

Nexus Pro CLM Edition 

Upgrade to built-in component policy management and dashboards.


Since components now comprise up to 90 percent of a typical application, development teams need tools to reduce complexity and improve productivity. As component usage grows, so does the popularity of the Nexus repository manager.

Faster More Reliable Builds

Accelerate developer productivity and efficiency
  • Retrieve components once, cache locally, access quickly
  • Deploy your own artifacts to hosted repositories
  • Share binaries, snapshots and releases between groups of developers
  • Improve visibility to and control of approved components

Support for Multiple Component Types

Proxy and host the most popular binaries in one place
  • Supports Java, NuGet and npm. Support for Gems, and PyPi coming soon*
  • Comprehensive repository support for Maven, NuGet, OSGi, Yum, and P2
*Coming throughout 2014-2015

Seamless Integration with Existing Tools

REST-based integration and services leverage your current dev tools
  • Automate interactions with leading development tools such as Eclipse, Hudson, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Docker, RunDeck, and more
  • Integrate Nexus REST services into your workflows
  • Supports the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) ecosystem, including Gradle, Ant, Maven, SPT, Ivy, Leiningen.

Improved Collaboration for Distributed Teams

Smart proxy keeps distributed teams in sync
  • Your Nexus license allows unlimited servers for scaling your deployments including production and testing instances - no extra cost!
  • Provide immediate availability of upstream artifacts to downstream Nexus instances, keeping all development locations in sync
  • Synchronize artifact additions, deletions, and changes across all trusted Nexus instances

The Nexus Pro CLM Edition upgrade incorporates automated policy management into your build promotion and staging environments.

Streamlined Release Management

Improved build promotion and staging
  • Post a collection of related, staged artifacts which can be tested, promoted, or discarded as a unit
  • Streamline oversight and approval of workflows for release candidates
  • With Nexus Pro CLM’s policy edition, promotion and staging constraints and actions can be configured
  • Nexus Pro policy violations can trigger warnings, notify specific personnel, or even prevent a release.

Rapid Identification of Security and License Risk

A Nexus Exclusive: Constantly updated and accurate component intelligence is built right into Nexus
  • Instantly identify if any component has known security or license vulnerabilities, right from your Nexus interface
  • Discover if a newer, safer version of a component already exists. Avoid risk and rework by making smart decisions early on.
  • With Nexus Pro CLM, risk profiles can assist in formulating and improving open source policies
  • Run a Repository Health Check to analyze the vulnerabilities in artifacts already in your repository

See more details

More than 32,000 Repository Health Checks are processed every day by users worldwide, making it one of the most popular Nexus Pro features.

See more details

The Nexus Pro CLM upgrade incorporates rich component intelligence which can be used to easily & quickly chose the safer component from the start. Simply move the slider to the right until an acceptable component is found based on color coded risk levels.

Component Governance and Reporting

With Nexus Pro CLM Edition, gain visibility and control over components used across development
  • Define rules for open source component use related to application types, license risk, security vulnerabilities, and more
  • Trigger alerts or actions on policy violations
  • Gain visibility to alternative component choices following violation notices

Improved Security

Protect access to all of your components
  • Prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and maintain privacy over development with encrypted SSL communications
  • Support common LDAP user/group mappings across the enterprise
  • Apply user token authentication and role-based access controls to reduce insider threat risks

You can assign protections to reduce risk from both internal and external sources with tight controls on component downloads and access rights.

For a more detailed list of features, see our comparison matrix.

Plus all Nexus Pro users have access to:

Enterprise Support

  • Help with installation, configuration, usage, upgrade
  • Expedited issue resolution based on SLAs

Enterprise Training

  • Workshops: architecture, best practices, policies
  • On-demand video training

And there's a ton of free resources, like Nexus Live, Two Minute Challenges, the Nexus Community and more.

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