It is time to go Pro. Building on the extensive feature set of Nexus OSS, Nexus Pro adds robust staging, collaboration, and security capabilities in addition to enterprise-level support for more demanding repository management requirements. Whether an organization has thousands of developers distributed around the globe, or smaller teams with demanding requirements, Nexus Pro delivers immediate game-changing developer efficiencies.

Consider Nexus Pro if any of the following apply to your organization:
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1. Enhance Build Performance and Stability

Proxying and caching a remote public repository can speed up your builds by reducing redundant downloads over the public Internet. With a high-speed connection to the Internet this might seem like a minor concern, but if you are constantly asking your developers to download hundreds of megabytes of third-party dependencies, time will be the real cost saving. Proxying and serving dependencies from a local repository cache can save you hundreds of HTTP requests over the public Internet, and in very large multi-module projects, this can shave minutes from a build.

2. Strengthen Developer Collaboration

You can improve the reliability of builds by ensuring that newly published artifacts are quickly visible in a network of Nexus instances using the smart proxy feature. With the smart proxy feature, you can quickly scale and synchronize work instantly across globally distributed teams.  Smart proxy results in significantly improved performance due to nearly immediate availability of upstream artifact information directly in the downstream Nexus instances.

3. Avoid Components with License or Security Issues

Repository Health Checks analyze all of your Nexus instances and reports on component license types, known security vulnerabilities, and quality characteristics. Developers will have the information they need to choose the best components while avoiding license, security risks.  Sonatype supports over 32,000 health checks for Nexus customers every day.  Health checks can now be enabled for all types of proxy repositories supported by Nexus (e.g., Maven, P2, Nuget, OBR, Yum).

4. Consume or Share Any Component

Nexus Pro instances are repository format neutral and include support for Maven, NuGet, Ruby, APT, and others. Developers can easily share artifacts and collaborate, regardless of component formats, across Nexus instances. You’ll also save on support costs by standardizing on a single repository manager for all formats.  Nexus Pro is constantly adding support for new formats, so be sure to check with us if your components format is not listed.

5. Improve Your QA and Release Process

If you release software, you will often need to test a release before deploying it to a production system or an externally accessible repository.  The staging feature in Nexus Pro allows an organization to create a temporary staging repository and to manage the promotion of artifacts from a staging repository to a release repository. This ability to create an isolated, release candidate repository that can be discarded or promoted makes it possible to support the decisions that go into certifying a release.

6. Enhance Security and Access Controls

Nexus Pro integrates with your existing LDAP or Atlassian Crowd security systems to enable single sign on and ensure consistent access controls across all your development tools. While Nexus OSS provides basic LDAP support, Nexus Pro adds several key features, including external user role mapping, server mirroring, authentication caching, multiple server support and multiple schema support. It also has been tested with popular LDAP servers such as OpenLDAP, and Microsoft Active Directory Server.  With Nexus Pro, you'll also have token-based authentication for user passwords, and secure (SSL) access to the Central Repository -- offered only from Sonatype.

7. Boost Developer Productivity

Nexus Pro provides enhanced collaboration and search capabilities that make it easier to develop high quality applications. You’ll improve your teamwork by hosting project web sites on the Nexus server, and sharing Maven settings and archetypes. Developers will more easily find components by searching with custom metadata, browsing archives and viewing component dependencies from within Nexus Pro.

8. Access Professional Support and Services

When you invest in Nexus Pro, you are ensuring support from the team that created the industry-standard in repository management. With Nexus Pro, you not only get the industry-leading repository manager, you get the peace of mind that help is just a phone call away. Sonatype also offers an array of implementation services, migration services, and training for organizations looking for an extra level of assistance.