Sonatype Strengthens Central Repository With JBoss

Sonatype has moved to open up Java developer options by adding Red Hat's JBoss Community project components to the Central Repository open source Java components store. The company's goal is to provide developers with a route towards locating and consuming JBoss Community software components in a single, standard location. more

Sonatype Adds JBoss Community Projects to Central Repository

Sonatype Adds JBoss Community Projects to Central Repository The Industry’s Leading Repository of Open Source Components Now Includes JBoss Community Projects, Bringing Added Convenience to Java Developers and Broader, Easier Distribution for the JBoss Community more
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Sonatype, the chief commercial supporter of the open-source Maven project, is working with Oracle to bring project artifacts to the Maven Central Repository, which the company administers for the Java community. more
News Source Jaxenter Projects Now on Sonatype's Central Repository

Sonatype have announced a partnership with Oracle that brings projects to the Sonatype Central Repository. This migration was achieved through a hosted version of Sonatype Pro for Nexus, which was donated to the community by Sonatype. projects can now automate and synchronise their projects artifacts to the Central Repository, and developers can download the necessary artifacts from projects via Apache Maven. more
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Sonatype Adds Projects to Central Repository

The “Central Repository” will now include open-source projects as Sonatype enters into a relationship with Oracle (News - Alert). An announcement in this regard has been made by the company instrumental for transformation of software development, Sonatype. The “Central Repository” is the top source for open-source Java components in the industry. Over 40,000 development organizations across the globe use this repository daily. more

Java.Net Artefacts in Maven Central

Sonatype has announced the availability of open-source projects in Maven Central, in partnership with Oracle. Previously, it was either up to individual projects to move their content into Maven Central, or just host it on the repository for others to consume. more
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Sonatype Adds Projects Support

Sonatype, the company behind some of the most widely used tools in Java Development including Maven, announced a partnership with Oracle to bring projects to the "Central Repository". The move allows project owners to "easily automate and control synchronization of their project artifacts." The partnership aims to give development teams "faster builds, fewer integration problems and improved control of software component usage." more
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Eclipse Indigo arrives

The Eclipse Indigo release train arrived today with a renewed focus on the Java Development Tools platform. And at the top of the list of changes for Java developers is the inclusion of WindowBuilder Pro, formerly a commercial GUI builder from Instantiations and now a top-level project at the Eclipse Foundation, thanks to Google's acquisition of that company and subsequent donation of the code. more
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Eclipse Release Train 'Indigo' Launches 62 Projects

The Eclipse Foundation announced its sixth annual release train today. This year's synchronized simultaneous launch of multiple Eclipse projects, code-named "Indigo," is the biggest yet, involving the work of 408 developers and 49 organizations contributing 46 million lines of code to 62 projects. more

Making the Move to Maven 3

You won't lose any time in upgrading to Maven 3. Most Java programs use either Ant or Maven for the build step. While Ant is infinitely configurable, Maven employs convention instead of configuration. more

Oracle Pushes Hudson Towards Eclipse

Oracle has submitted a proposal to the Eclipse Foundation to create a Hudson project in Eclipse and contribute the Java-based Hudson continuous integration tool's core code to that project. more
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Oracle U-turns on Hudson open source control

Oracle is relinquishing control of the Hudson project after a heavy-handed attempt to stay in charge prompted most community members to fork themselves and undermine the project's viability. more
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Oracle Donates Open Source Hudson To Eclipse Foundation

Oracle is donating the Hudson open source code that came with Sun Microsystems to the Eclipse Foundation Wednesday. Hudson stirred up controversy in late January when the project's founder declared that it should be forked to create a branch free of Oracle's control. more
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Oracle Donates Hudson Project to Eclipse

In an effort to promote stability and improve governance of the Hudson open-source java continuous integration server, Oracle has proposed to donate Hudson to the Eclipse Foundation. more
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How should enterprises navigate forks in the Hudson

A South Jersey neighbor of ours — runner, educator, and open source mischief maker Bob Bickel – recently blogged a status report on what’s been going on with the Jenkins open source project ever since it split off from Hudson. more
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Jason van Zyl on the benefits of open source

In this video interview, Jason van Zyl, the creator of Apache Maven, talks about his career in open source, the Eclipse Foundation and the benefits of open source for developers and for the enterprise. more

Enterprise Repository Management

Learn how an enterprise repository manager can reduce development time,
improve quality, enable greater internal collaboration, and reduce risk.

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EclipseCon heralds new day for Java

Mike Milinkovich, director of the Eclipse Foundation, said that Eclipse’s many projects and community efforts are all pushing firmly towards this summer’s Indigo release train for Eclipse version 3.7. In an interview at this week’s EclipseCon (which ends today), he said it will be the most exciting release for Java developers in about five years. more
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Jenkins Defends Split from Oracle's Hudson

After my discussion with Oracle Senior Vice President and Chief Architect Ted Farrell about Oracle’s perceptions of the Hudson/Jenkins split was posted last week, it became apparent that not everyone was entirely willing to let the matter lie. more
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Survey Devs Adopting Open Source, But Management Lacking

Development software and services provider Sonatype earlier this month surveyed more than 1600 developers, architects and managers regarding the deployment and use of open source solutions in the development infrastructure. The survey revealed that dev organizations have widely deployed open source tools and solutions, but with little effective control and management. more


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